Gingham With a Pop of Color


YAY! Finally, another blog post. Sorry I’ve been crap at uploading new posts…(Here’s me trying to look like a model and pretending that my Hydroflask is wine). Not being sponsored by the way, I just really love my Hydroflask.

ANYWAYY, I bought this little gingham number a while ago since it’s been a huge trend this year and it’s grown on me. I decided to wear it out and mix up my style a bit.


Romper- ASOS US (brand: BooHoo)

Necklace- Forever 21

Shoes- Nike

Bag- Thrifted


I absolutely love the off-the-shoulder detail on this romper! (If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a huge fan of this trend and my first fashion post also featured an off-the-shoulder dress).


I didn’t want this outfit to be all black and white, so I chose a caramel colored purse to go with it (love the small gold studs on it!)


And a statement necklace to make my outfit more put together!


To make this outfit a little less girly, I paired it with some comfy white sneakers.



I was feeling a little extra that day, so I did a half up half down hairstyle by tying a amll knot/bun at the top of my head.



I like this hairstyle because it makes it look like I tried even though it was actually very simple!

DSC_1390 (2)

And of course when I spot a colorful I HAVE to take a picture (or two five) in front of it.





Stupid hair always getting in the way.



Also, forgot to mention that I also tried to jazz up my look by applying some bright pink lipstick on my lips! (It doesn’t show that well in the other pictures because it always came off when I drank water, and I was too lazy to reapply it– whoops).



Hey, at least it pops out a bit against this blue wall!


Thanks for reading! Until next time…


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